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International Student Placement Programme

International Student Placement Programme

A recently launched programme that matches international students to your business. You can access world class international talent, develop your international strategy and overcome barriers in international markets.

About the programme

This exciting new programme helps Greater Manchester businesses access new international market opportunities. Matching international students from across Greater Manchester’s universities with your business you can access students who have detailed insight into your global target market, in terms of language, culture and business practices. It’s also an opportunity for you to access a pool of global talent whilst supporting students in essential work experience.

We help to match the students’ knowledge, experience and field of study with the requirements of your business. This careful matching ensures both business and student get maximum benefit from the placement.

Each placement will typically last between 3-6 months, with students working a maximum of 20 hours per week on National Living Wage.

Why join our International Student Placement Programme?


Strengthen their international strategies

Improve language and cultural awareness

Introduction to new global markets


Knowledge of Greater Manchester

industry experience for furture employment

Financial support during studies

Greater Manchester

More attractive place to study

Potential investors and trading partners

Enhance global network of GM alumni


Postgraduate study incentives

Value added to attract international students

Create partnerships with local businesses

Apply Now

Are you looking to find the best international talent for your company? Apply for our programme now by downloading and completing the "Application Form - International Student Placement Programme" and uploading it via the following portal.

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