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International Market Research

International Market Research

Our comprehensive face-to-face and desk-based market research services deliver bespoke and tailored insights into which countries may provide the best opportunities for your business. Our international market research is offered to all North West businesses who are looking to enter a new market. 

Expertise and Personalised Services

Our market research is conducted by industry experts who have years’ experience trading in the market. They will also be working with you on a one-to-one basis. They will be able to find the information you need about the market to suit your own business needs.

Within our market research, we provide cultural insights, essential information on the country’s legal system and customs that might affect your market entry.

Exclusive access to industry knowledge

We will be able to access the exclusive market research database provided by governmental departments. We also have a network of industry experts all around the world who work at Department for International Trade overseas, embassies or other trade organisations. This enables us to access their expertise and industry network through internal communication.

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Our Work

DrivesWork enters China, US and India

Driveworks were already exporting to the US and European markets, however they wanted to repeat their success in other regions where they knew they would face challenges – such as those with different languages, cultures and time zones. The company decided to seek help from an advisor, and their journey with GC International Trade began.

A-J Harrison opens their first office in India

A-J Harrison has now opened a new office and factory in Chennai, India, in response to a shift in international demand moving from low-cost components towards high-quality precision engineering. In 2017, the company’s export sales to India totalled £150,000.

Axion Recycling Limited explores export opportunities in China

Axion Recycling Ltd explores opportunities in China

“Working with DIT North West helped us to explore all the options for continuing our export strategy in China and when it became clear that opportunities for growing our Chinese export business were limited they were happy to refocus their support aligned to our new commercial focus.” Judith Clayman, Axion Recycling

Trolex Ltd signed a supply deal with North Chile

Established North West firm Trolex to supply monitoring equipment to the Chuquicamata mine in North Chile following support from the Department for International Trade North West (DIT). The business has secured a £350,000 contract that will see its products installed in Chile’s Chuquicamata copper mine, a division of state-owned copper mining corporation, Codelco

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