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Improve the way you develop, manage and commercialise innovative ideas internationally

Did you know that over 50% of new, innovative products and services launched onto the market fail?

Innovation plays a fundamental role in a company’s growth nationally and internationally. Innovation doesn’t have to be a scientific breakthrough or a drastic change in your business or industry model. Incremental innovation is key to many traditional and innovative SMEs to reduce costs, become more competitive and bring new solutions to new markets and sectors.

Innovation and commercialisation activities are indeed interconnected so they both need to be part of the overall business strategy.

Innovate to Succeed

Innovate to Succeed is a specialised service aimed specifically at businesses looking to develop, grow and commercialise their products and services internationally. This service is fully funded and delivered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

Global Business Innovation Programme

Global Business Innovation Programme

GBIP support high-growth innovative businesses interested in exploring research and technology opportunities in a variety of industries such as renewable energy, smart cities, digital health, agritech and in specific markets as far afield as South Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Brazil, Uganda, etc.

Interested in innovating your products and services?

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