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Export Academy

The Export Academy, from the Department for International Trade (DIT), gives small and micro-businesses the know-how to sell to customers around the world with confidence.

It’s applicable to a wide range of businesses – you could be selling children’s clothes to Spain online, or providing PR services to a new client in the US. Whether you want to start exporting, or you’re aiming to enter new markets, we’ll help you overcome many of the common challenges that small businesses can face.

The Programme

The programme is made up of a series of ten core interactive educational sessions with exclusive content based on feedback from our delegates and designed specifically to help small and micro businesses understand everything they need to know in order to sell internationally.


1. Understanding the benefits of, and barriers to, export

Tuesday, 20 April, 10:00

An overview of the risks and benefits of export; first steps to making informed decisions about internationalisation; laying the foundation for an achievable export plan

2. Steps to export

Thursday, 22 April, 10:00

An overview of export documentation, including customs declarations at home and abroad; as well as invoicing and evidence of export; and additional support

3. International market research

Tuesday, 27 April, 10:00

Understanding what constitutes effective market research; which key markets to prioritise; when your business should consider it; and why it’s important to profitability.

4. Pricing strategy and route to market

Thursday, 29 April, 10:00

Getting to grips with price versus cost; export costing; researching prices in a given market; pricing strategies; and routes to market.

5. Customs, export controls, and trade deals

Tuesday, 4 May, 10:00

Understanding key documentation, and legal requirements; understanding prohibitions and restrictions; overview of free trade agreements.

6. Selling services overseas

Thursday, 6 May, 10:00

Marketing your service; ways to develop successful relationships; considering factors that could open the door to opportunity.

7. International commercial (INCO) terms

Tuesday, 11 May, 10:00

Understanding the Incoterm ® 2020 rules; what they do; what isn’t covered; and the impact on the cost of goods.

8. Creating an Export Action Plan

Thursday, 13 May, 10:00

Institutional support available in your strategic planning; overseas visits; translation and interpretation; exhibitions and promotions; legal costs; overseas staff.

9. Customs, VAT, and rules of origin

Tuesday, 18 May, 10:00

Understanding export paperwork in a little more detail; particularly with regard to VAT and place of service; and key documentation in the shipping process.

10. Movement of money

Thursday, 20 May, 10:00

Getting paid: risks and costs; financial regulation; economic considerations in the movement of money over international borders.

Enquire now

Due to the pandemic, the Export Academy will temporarily be delivered online, and will feature educational events, independent learning, networking and group mentoring. You’ll leave the course with a completed export action plan to take your business to international customers.

To find out more please click here or contact Chris Baxter, Export Academy Adviser at