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Launched in 2019, Keep-On-Keep-Up Health CIC, known as KOKU, is an NHS-approved app developed by senior lecturers at the University of Manchester. The app is designed to equip and empower older generations to take control of their health by improving awareness of healthy aging practices such as fall prevention exercises to do at home.

Innovate UK EDGE was tasked with supporting the two-person KOKU team to move forward with their commercialisation plans, begin trading, and start generating revenue and profit to facilitate growth.

A Roadmap to Commercialisation

Innovate UK EDGE worked closely with the KOKU team to identify a roadmap to commercialisation. It was agreed that the first stage of the plan should focus on identifying suitable and accessible sources of investment to fund the implementation of the commercialisation strategy. Securing funding was also essential to further develop the KOKU product and boost investor engagement in a growing healthcare market.

The second stage of the roadmap was to identify potential client opportunities and develop a stronger client base, both within the NHS and with other public bodies.

Innovate UK EDGE assisted in the development of KOKU’s existing pitch deck. Developed by university professors, the original document was very academically charged, making it challenging to connect with Government agencies and commercial investors. With guidance from Innovate UK EDGE, KOKU’s pitch deck was revised to better connect with the target demographic for investment.

Securing Funding

Innovate UK EDGE leveraged its existing network to introduce KOKU to NorthInvest. Thanks to this support, KOKU was able to secure £100,000 of funding from two angel investors based in the North West.

Additional connections with the Growth Company (the GC) provided KOKU with another great opportunity to participate in an NHS procurement programme run by Health Innovation Manchester. This led to KOKU being accepted onto an NHS Accelerator programme which gave the company further funding of £50,000.

Facilitating Growth

The funds secured by KOKU, with the help of Innovate UK EDGE, are now being used to drive the firm’s ambitious growth and commercialisation plans. Thanks to further development of the product, and NHS support, KOKU’s annual turnover is expected to increase by £100,000, with plans to expand the UK-based team by four during 2021.

As a small two-person team, we found the expert input and guidance offered by Ranvir Singh at Innovate UK Edge to be invaluable. Having an outside perspective helped us to refine our commercialisation plans and adapt our existing materials. We’ve successfully raised funding and are now in a position to grow our team

Dr Emma Stanmore, Founder and CEO of KOKU

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