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About Africa Health mission

Growth Company International Trade or the North West Trade Team is inviting companies to join us on a trade mission to Africa Health on DIT's behalf.

Taking place in Johanesburg, South Africa with over 600 companies from just under 70 countries and over 10,500 professionals attending in 2019, Africa Health has been the biggest healthcare event across the continent. The event offers a wealth of opportunities to UK companies from exhibiting, health conferences to networking and partnering.

Joining our mission, your company will have a valuable opportunity to be alongside and presented at our UK pavillion at the Arfica Health Exhibition. You will be able to meet your potential partners and customers. These ranges from public and private hospitals, local and global healthcare businesses, distributors and manufacturers.

"With the investment and spending on healthcare in Sub-Saharan expected th double in the next 10 years", the authorities and goverments in the continent are looking to attract and build a working relationship with the private sector. This provides huge potential for UK healthcare businesses to enter the market and expand their international growth.

What Are the Benefits?

Participating delegates will:

  • Be presented as a UK company sharing UK pavillion with other participating delegates attending the largest healthcare exhibition in Africa with access to discount
  • Be listed in the exhibition magazine¬†
  • Save costs on travelling and accommodation as part of UK delegation
  • Be able to access all the included events and conferences in the Africa Health programme.
  • Be part of the exclusive Northern Powerhouse networking reception and meet with potential partners and customers.
  • Have the chance to apply for funding to support your costs on the mission.


The mission will run from 12/05/2020 to 14/05/2020

The exhibition will take place from 12/05/2020 to 14/05/2020

We will assess the eligibility of the companies who express their interest to join this mission. There's only a limited number of businesses we can take with us so please register as early as possible to make sure your company will be considered for the mission.


There is a registration cost of £129 plus VAT per delegate to join the mission. Companies will need to pay for their own travel and accommodation costs as well as book their own flights. You may apply for funding to help towards the cost. Should you be interested in applying for funding, please let us know after registering so we can help you apply.

This mission is now closed for bookings. If you're interested in future missions, please subscribe to our newsletters below to receive updates.

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