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About the event

The series consists of three engaging roundtable events which provide Northern Powerhouse and German companies the chance to network and create new prospects. The events will provide the opportunity to learn about the Personal Care Sector, Chemical Distribution & Specialised Services, across borders. 

What are the benefits?

The roundtables will benefit chemical companies or users of chemicals by providing up to date information on the Chemical Industry and the chance to meet potential partners, present your own products and services and reach out to the German market. Following the open webinar on October 5th covering UK Reach legislation, this event will provide selected companies the opportunity to present their products or services to German buyers.  

This is a resourceful opportunity for German and UK companies to hear from industry experts and further their knowledge in the field. 

The series consists of three different sub-sector roundtables below:

  • Personal Care Roundtable - Tuesday 13th October, 10:00am - Lydia Moi

    Department of International Trade Yorkshire & Humberside

  • Chemicals Distribution Roundtable - Thursday 15th October, 10:00am - Bohdan Ratycz

    Department of International Trade North West

    Including speaker; Dr M. Kessler CEO 2M Holdings 'Comparison of UK & German Markets'
  • Specialised Services in the Chemicals Industry - Friday 6th November, 10:00am - Stephen Muir 

    Department of International Trade North East