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Tidy Planet won a project for £1.3m for the supply of all the waste management equipment in Indonesia

Tidy Planet won a project for £1.3m for the supply of all the waste management equipment in Indonesia

About Tidy Planet

Founded in 1990, Tidy Planet Ltd is a Cheshire-based manufacturer of on-site food waste recycling and composting system. Tidy Planet has also worked with Veronica Dawson which is one of our experienced International Trade Advisers in the Cheshire and Warrington team. 

Export Successes

Exporting to Algeria, Iraq, Sudan and more

At the start of 2019, Tidy Planent has supplied £200,000 of waste food handling equipment to a company called KBR, who are the engineering procurement company for an oil and gas project for a well-known oil multinational with a new project in Algeria. They are also exporting two units of composting plant worth a similar value to Iraq for another oil major in September, 2020. They have supplied two units of composting systems to 2 x military bases in South Sudan in 2019. We have exported two food minimisation systems to a resort in the Maldives £40,000. 

Recent successes in Indonesia and Qatar

Recently, Tidy Planet has won a project of the waste management equipment supply (shredders, balers, composting systems) worth £1.3m to be use as an integrated waste management facility for another oil major this year in Indonesia. The project marks a huge milestone for the waste management expert's international growth and export journey accompanied by the GC International Trade Adviser - Veronica Dawson.

Apart from that, Tidy Planet keeps securing one deal after another with the help of International Trade Adviser. From a growing marketshare in France with another 8 sold units of composting systems of varying sizes (value as single units from £150k to £10k total value of £270k) to be sent to their distributors to an order for the supply of 2 waste minimisation systems for a project in Qatar worth £50k, Tidy Planet is expanding at a rapid pace. Succeeding in entering the North America market, they also have 2 smaller composting systems being built for use in Canada and the US £15K each. Within Europe, Tidy Planet is strengthening its brand with a new client in Germany for a food waste collection project for £30k.

Words of the founder

"The smaller international projects are very normal for our business, the larger projects are difficult to predict, but we are working on a huge number of enquiries from around the globe at the moment for small and large scale applications.", says Huw Crampton - CEO. He also emphasizes the struggle that the company goes through as an exporting manufacturer: "The only reservation is the opportunity for others to try and replicate some of our technology which is something we are always mindful of". However, Huw presses on how the support he gets from GC International Trade Adviser has helped the company in its international expansion journey: "The International Trade services and support have helped us in many ways, from helping us communicate with foreign governments about the legality of exporting units with VPN systems, to helping us negotiate the complex trading routes of South Sudan, advice on letters of credit, certificates of conformity, etc." 

If you are interested in international growth, GC International Trade offers fully-funded support with 1-2-1 basis where our dedicated advisers will work with you on a personal level to tailor the advice to your business needs. So contact us now to start your international journey.

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